How You can Easily Cancel Your Simplisafe at Home

How You can Easily Cancel Your Simplisafe at Home

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How You can Easily Cancel Your Simplisafe at Home

As a home owner, incase you and your family wants a very easy and conducive life at your home and i think getting a Simplisafe is actually one of the good step to take in attaining that, because of the great purpose it comes with.

Every human in this world now knows that if you are the type that prefer and love living a digital life, then Simplisafe is definitely no doubt one of the vital device you need to get and mount in your house because of its numerous and important uses.

Surely, one of the issues people face with SimpliSafe is surely how long it takes them to add third-party support. Know that Simplisafe is just a security company that produces and sells self-installed wireless security systems that connect to a central monitoring center.

And now, if you have a SimpliSafe device installed in your house definitely you will know that its security covers your entire house effectively when compared to other wireless security solutions, But however, one of the complaints from numerous customers concerning SimpliSafe is its slowness to integrate third-party app such as home kit. which of course has led you here to get information on how to cancel SimpliSafe

Also, it’s still of course view as a normal thing, because this alone has been a source of frustration and has led people into thinking of a replacement for it and a way to cancel their SimpliSafe subscription.

Don’t also forget that Simplisafe plans come at different prices ranging from the free plan which is unmonitored to the self-monitored plan which is $10 next to the standard and interactive monitoring which are both $18 and $28

So therefore, if you are looking for how to cancel SimpliSafe subscription, you need to follow these simple steps below

The Cancellation of SimpliSafe Subscription

However it’s actually very easy to do this for real, you just can’t cancel your SimpliSafe subscription using the app, you have to call a customer support to help you with that, now for those that aren’t completely sure how to do that follow the steps below:

  • First of all reach out to the SimpliSafe customer service on 888-957-4675
  • And ask to speak with any available representative.
  • Give them your Customer details.
  • Make them aware that you want to cancel your alarm monitoring subscription

Answer the remaining follow up questions for confirmation before your SimpliSafe subscription will be finally cancelled

Apart from figuring out how to cancel SimpliSafe subscription another issue users face in logging in to their SimpliSafe account, was caused by the sudden update to Oauth for authentication

Guide on the SimpliSafe login

How You can Easily Cancel Your Simplisafe at Home

Dating back at December last year, SimpliSafe Moved to a protocol called OAuth for authentication for login purposes. And surely this update requires a user to authenticate in the browser.

And now some users might be experiencing some issues logging in and from the SimpliSafe community one of the recommended things you can do is to try logging in a private tab/incognito tab, make sure you are not using any sort of VPN and follow the steps below to login into your account.

  • Navigate to the circular Icon and move your cursor over it.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Login.
  • Next, type in your email address and password and click Continue.

NOTE: If that is your first time logging into your account using that browser you may be required to verify your email address.

Since you will be contacting the SimpliSafe customer service very frequently here is what you need to know about them

The SimpliSafe Customer Service

To contact the SimpliSafe Customer Service support team, you can call them at 1-800-297-1605 or contact them via email at [email protected]

Open Times

Their customer support is open 7 days a week starting from 8:00 AM daily until Midnight EST. However, their monitoring centre is open 24/7/365.

Another way of resolving Simplisafe related issues is to check their forums for different questions which other users might have gone through that you can find a solution for

SimpliSafe Forums

To access the SimpliSafe forum simply go here and ask the question you need answers to, the forum admin typically replies on time to get your issues resolved although you might have to sign up to access the forum.

SimpliSafe Cancel Order

if you made an order on SimpliSafe for any of their product and you want to make a cancel order you can simply do that by contacting their customer service and aks for a refund, however, you need to ensure that your account details are correct

Be sure to check your credit card to ensure that the refund was made.

The SimpliSafe without monitoring

So if you are curious as to using a SimpliSafe device without monitoring, yes you can however you may not be able to access the system’s full capacities without external monitoring,

The SimpliSafe plans don’t cost a lot, you can simply go for the self-monitoring plan or the interactive one starting from $10. below are the SimpliSafe plans and their different features

Now, that you’ve figured out how to cancel SimpliSafe subscription, below are related questions from other SimpliSafe users

Can SimpliSafe work without monitoring?

How do I activate my SimpliSafe monitor?

Probably you are using the free plana and you want to upgrade to a paid plan here is how you do that.

Log in with the same email address you used for the purchase and click on activate. that is all, alternatively you can contact the SimpliSafe customer support team at 1-800-548-9508 to get your monitoring service activated

Can you talk through SimpliSafe?

From the latest update of SimpliSafe, which now enables a 2-way audio interaction, you can talk through the simplicams, and you will hear the person, however, it only supports audio, not video

Can I sell my SimpliSafe system?

You can sell your SimpliSafe device. However, you have to cancel any active monitoring you’ve subscribed to and all this can be done via the SimpliSafe customer service.

What really happens if you unplug SimpliSafe?

In a scenario where there is a power outage. Your SimpliSafe Base Station Which is equipped with a backup rechargeable battery supply will keep your Base Station powered for up to 24 hrs.

Can I cancel SimpliSafe through the app?

You can’t do that since the avenue to do that isn’t available yet, you have to contact customer support

Must I return my SimpliSafe equipment after cancelling my monitoring plan?

Be aware that you really don’t need to return it since you have full ownership right to the device, whether you can afford their subscription or not.

Does SimpliSafe also automatically call the police?

If you are subscribed to the professional monitoring, plan which cost about $27.99, one of the perks you should expect from this plan is the ability to call 911 on your behalf after calling you with no response

Any Cancellation fees with SimpliSafe?

Just because you contact SimpliSafe customer support, you can cancel your SimpliSafe subscription for free without any hassles you only have to provide any required information to them that’s all.

Is It Possible to use SimpliSafe cameras outside?

Actually, the thing is, probably you might not like the idea of moisture getting into your camera however SimpliSafe has an outdoor kit, Don’t worry it comes with its cons, and one of them is, that the outdoor device might face some issues detecting motions which in turn won’t raise an alarm and you wouldn’t want that.

The Conclusion

For the last part, don’t forget that finding out how to cancel SimpliSafe subscription isn’t much of a hassle, and another reasons why people decide to cancel it is the slow ability to quickly integrate other third-party apps such as the home kit installation and some other apps which are all useful.

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