How You can to Easily connect multiple monitors on Windows 11

How You can to Easily connect multiple monitors on Windows 11

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How You can to Easily connect multiple monitors on Windows 11

It’s always a good thing and life saving thing for every PC users to be able to connect their PC to more that one monitors, surely one of the best and good news to the latest Window version is that its having more and better monitoring support.

Another thing is also that it of course easy to remember which monitor was an open app which is something that Windows 10 struggled with. So definitely its users can disconnect a second monitor and when you reconnect it, the windows will still be there. And they do not automatically jump to the current browser.

Why You Should Use Multiple Monitors

Its simple, I mean the reason for using multiple monitors, however to use multiple monitors is simple: more screen space. And definitely more room allows you to have more programs running at the same time without switching between windows via Alt+Tab or endless mouse clicks.

Also, you of course can easily move your mouse between the monitors if you need to interact with a program, or just leave them open for reference–a big help when you’re writing an essay or an article. \

And from time to time you might even run a movie or TV show while getting a little work done on the main screen.

Assuming you’re the social media manager for your company. You can have Tweetdeck open on one display to monitor what’s happening on Twitter.

Meanwhile, you can be working on a report on your primary screen with a web browser open to your company’s analytics dashboard on one side, and Microsoft Word on the other.

The Top reviewers on Windows 11

It’s normal that the analysts will still plug & play. You can also connect a monitor to your desktop or laptop display port and it will be detected automatically. Windows 11 may not start showing it but that’s easy to fix.

Connecting multiple scanners – Windows 11

Most of the people can connect multiple monitors to Windows 11 from the Settings app. The options let you;

  • First, choose a primary monitor
  • Change the monitor resolution
  • Change the shape of the monitor
  • Change scaling for scanners
  • Change monitor direction
  1. Open the Configuration application with keyboard shortcut Win + I.
  2. go to System> Display.
  1. Click on the Highlight a button to find out what the display is (note the number that appears on the display).
  2. Click Open the Duplicate these displays drop down and choose how you want the second monitor to work: display extension, mirror display, or direct display on a single monitor.
  3. Drag and drop the scanners to fix them.
  4. Select a monitor and scroll down. Select ‘Make this my main display’ to set it as the main monitor.

New situation

Therefore for other settings, some of which can be applied to both monitors, first select the monitor and then scroll down to change the settings. The designated investigator is the one who will be involved. For scaling settings, you may need to log out and log back in to apply to each app.

Changing of prediction mode

The Windows 11 allows users to change the preview mode, i.e., display mode for multiple monitors from the quick preview panel. The panel looks different than it did inside

  1. Just tap on the Win + P keyboard shortcut. to open the projection panel.
  2. Select the prediction mode.
  3. Windows 11 change the prediction method.

The Conclusion

Following the cool way, the Microsoft has improved how windows is managed across several monitors on Windows 10 but the taskbar has not improved.

Other thing to actually take note is that when any users who had hoped for a fully functional taskbar across all monitors will be disappointed that the time displayed in the system corner on the secondary monitor has been removed. The Start button will still appear on all taskbars ie, all monitors. Images for the window will appear on the taskbar on the individual monitor.

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